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Want to add charm and attraction to your BIO? here is the solution. IGToolsHub’s free Instagram font generator has got more than 100+ types of font. And all these fonts are available for you!

Instagram has got multiple photo filters and video editing options. However, few fonts allow users to add limited value to their content. But IGToolsHub’s font generator have got new and stylish fonts, which helps to attract more engagement.

Your brand image is delivered in a completely unique way. These custom Instagram fonts are on-the-go and also free. Drawing the reader’s attention to specific areas is a piece of cake with exciting fonts. A bunch of different font sizes and styles add variety to your captions.

Instagram only gives you 5 options to use font in stories. But IGToolsHub allows you to use 100+ new fonts with different designs and text sizes. Through this, you can get more views on your Instagram stories, followers on profile, and likes on photos.

Do you want to know how to generate Instagram fonts for a photo caption, profile bio, and stories? Learn here:

How to Use Instagram Fonts Generator?

It’s easy and takes around a minute to generate 100+ types of font for a simple text.

  • Step 1 : All you need to do is type your text or copy from any other source. Just select the text, press CTRL+C, and then paste (CTRL+V) in the first section.
  • Step 2 : After typing or pasting the text, You have to do nothing as our most advance developed system generate 100+ Instagram fonts below. Just scroll down to select your favorite one from the list or click "load more fonts".
  • Step 3 : After choosing the favorite font, just click on COPY. And paste it on your Instagram BIO, Photo Caption, or Story Caption.

Why to Use Instagram Fonts Generator?

We have got thousands of users who are using Instagram fonts generator by IGToolsHub. There are several reasons to use this tool. It is essential for brands, social media influencers, artists, models, and small businesses. Here are some ways to make wonders through Instagram font application.

Make your Bio Catchy

Everyone has got bio with similar fonts on Instagram. You can stand out among all other profiles by using this tool.

Professional Look

Characters and different style of font adds value with professionalism in writing. Through this, giving a professional look to your Instagram photos and videos is easy. Additionally, it gives a new look to your existing content on Instagram.

Benefits of Instagram Fonts?

IGToolsHub’s every service and tool comes with multiple benefits for the user. Here are some of the essential benefits of Instagram fonts generator:

Attracts New Followers

A new look for bio, photos, and captions can help you gain IG followers instantly. Everyone who visits your profile will feel different and attracted. Therefore, the probability of having new followers and likes on Instagram is doubled.


This tool is FREE to use for everyone. You don’t have to download or subscribe to anything for using the Instagram fonts tool. It’s 100% FREE for all kinds of uses.

Modest Look

Many people still don’t know about using Instaram fonts generator online. So if you add multiple types of text in your Instagram bio, photos, and captions, then it will add a modest look to your profile.

Marketing Approach

It is a unique and easy-to-do marketing strategy. You just need to copy your existing content, and the tool will convert instantly for you.


Other fonts and tools require installation or setup. Whereas our fonts tool is available on the web for free.